The Environment

Our Ethos

At Printed Easy we are very aware of our environmental impact.

Whilst printing has an impact on the environment as with many production industries, Printed Easy believe in minimising any impact by adopting the following:


Our pre-press, including plate making is completely chemical free, using no developers or fixers and leaving no waste liquids whatsoever, whilst all aluminium plates are recycled.

Printing and Finishing

We only use papers from either well managed sources or recycled stocks that are manufactured to ISO 14001 and are chlorine free. A full environmental specification is available on request.

We only use inks that are purely vegetable oil based as opposed to oil based inks and a specification is available.

Paper trimmings and off-cuts whilst kept to a minimum are sorted and pulped for recycling, producing newsprint and packaging, amongst other things.

Overprinted matter that may contain client details is shredded in-house before going off for recycling.

In short, we throw away as little as possible, but where we do we do so responsibly via a licensed waste agency.

ISO 14001 Accreditation

Falkland Press has full ISO 14001 Accreditation, certified by URS.

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